We live in a world where our cities and rural areas alike are confronted with unsolved social issues such as rising inequality, abject poverty, forced migrations, land grabbing and the disastrous effect of man made climate change. None of these issues can be approached and met without a common understanding of these main threats facing humanity. Global networks offer the potential of building partnerships for urgent cultural and social change. In reality in many countries we are instead witnessing political and economic elites increasingly dominating the means of communication and the channels that should lead to common understanding, but instead aims to neutralize opposition to their policies

The aim of the conference is then to locate and build networks of researchers and activists to mobilize for new and alternative means of sharing communication for social change

Who are today the potential actors leading out in this movement to promote and implement new forms and networks of inclusive communication? How is social change in general promoted by and through the current media channels and how by social movements, NGOs and community media? How can communication and ICT literacy best meet global and local demands for mutual understanding ,social inclusion and conflict transformation through peaceful means?

How can ICT be used to bridge cultural and social gaps between generations and the urban and rural populations and promote democratic interaction?


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